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Based in Milan, Italy

Release date:
Open Beta September 7, 2017

Steam (PC/Mac)


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Insidia is a turn-based online strategy game. In fast paced battles, two players confront each other commanding a band of four powerful heroes, engaging in a gameplay that blends together Leagues of Legends with X-COM. The game features a unique combat system based on simultaneous, fast turns and a flexible combo system. With a simple order, given within an handful of seconds, all the heroes of a team can join their forces to achieve spectacular results. Set in a post apocalyptic fantasy world, Insidia offers a roster of steam knights, fierce punks, weird mutants and many other champions of an octane-crazed land.



  • Simultaneous Turns
  • Fast PVP battles
  • Flexible combo system
  • MOBA style objectives
  • Bright, colorful and cartoonish visuals
  • Designed for E-Sport


Teaser Vimeo

Open Beta Announcement Vimeo

Naima Champion Spotlight Vimeo

Infestus Champion Spotlight Vimeo

Gunther Champion Spotlight Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (145MB)
Insidia - Screenshot 9.png
Insidia - Screenshot 5.png
Insidia - Screenshot 4.png
Insidia - Champion Angor.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 10.png
INSIDIA - Champion - Infestus.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 7.png
INSIDIA - Champions - Naima VS Angor - 1.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 11.png
Insidia - Champion Naima.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 3.png
Insidia - Gameplay.gif
Insidia - Champion Trauma.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 12.png
Insidia - Champion Gunther.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 8.png
Insidia - Lobby.gif
INSIDIA - Champions - Naima VS Angor - 2.gif
Insidia - Artwork 1.png
Insidia - Screenshot 1.png
Insidia - Screenshot 2.png
Insidia - Champion Shiryo.gif
Insidia - Screenshot 6.png

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About Bad Seed

We design games for core gamers. We are driven by passion. We are Bad Seed.

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Insidia Credits

Luca Baggio
Creative and Art Director

Francesca Fracassi
2D and Texture Artist

Alessandro Leto Colombo
Daniele Angelozzi
3D Artists

Antonio Cottone
VFX Artist

Jacopo Musso
Marco Fumagalli

Marco Bielli
Scriptwriter and Game Designers

Ilenia Nacci
Game and UI Designers

Andrea Niccolai

Alessandro Leto Colombo

Simone Sommaggio
Audio Programmer

Filippo Beck Peccoz
Music and Sound Effects

Gianpaolo Greco

Jacopo Musso
CEO & Founder

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