There was once a god.
He was given domain over rain and earth,
over the stone rift of the neither reign and the spheres
of the celestial sky.
Powerful was he, sole sovereign of this world.
But the god felt lonely and sad...

He took no delight in the mortal lands, since every
glimpse of beauty was doomed to fade.
He saw nothing worth his attention.
So he grew proud and selfish, a frail defecense
against the void of eternity.

In his disdain, the god forsook his function.
He ceased to care for the worlds.
He let the great tree dry out.
He did nothing when the land began


Weaving together exploration with poetic storytelling, The Beggar's Ride is a puzzle platformer like no other. Follow an old man's journey to a distant land, where stones as ancient as the first dawn held untold secrets. Try to run and jump to avoid the perils of a crumbling kingdom, then wear an ancient mask to harness the powers of nature and open your way into a strange new world.


A huge world full of intriguing and fiendish puzzles to solve.


Explore as a Beggar, then wear the ancient mask to see the world through the eyes of a god.


Four masks to discover, each granting a unique god like power.


A poetic and meaningful storyline.