Bad Seed
Based in Milan, Italy

Founding date:
January 14, 2014


Press / Business contact:


The Beggars Ride
Sleep Attack
Sheep Up

Via Atto Vannucci 13
20135 - Milano (MI)



Bad Seed is an Italian startup built upon the vision of creating innovative,
high quality games.
Driven by a core team of former Ubisoft developers, the company has released three titles to widespread acclaim. The latest game, The Beggar’s Ride, has been ported to several platforms, including Steam and WiiU.
Backed by over four years of experience and by partnerships with leading actors in the gaming industry, Bad Seed is now ready to take a leap forward and engage in the challenge of multiplatform e-Sports with Insidia, a turn based game of hectic battles.


Bad Seed’s journey started in Estonia, where we moved after being selected by GameFounders, the first European accelerator program for gaming start-up. It continued in the Silicon Valley, thanks to MindTheSeed, and finally led us back to Italy.
Sheep Up!, our first game, published by PocketGems, recorded more than a million downloads and has been awarded with a grant by AppCampus (Nokia/Microsoft) to be ported to Windows Phone.
In the wake of this success, we created Sleep Attack, a tower defense game with a special twist, which was released in October 2014 and received widespread critical acclaim.
The skill of our team and the quality of our titles persuaded the most influential Italian VC, United Ventures, to include Bad Seed in its investment portfolio. The first result of this partnership was The Beggars Ride, a story driven puzzle platformer. The game premiered on iOS during fall 2015 and was then made available on many platforms, most notably Steam and WiiU.
Treasuring over four years of experience, our studio is currently working on Bad Seed’s very first game developed specifically for PC: Insidia.



The Beggar's Ride - Trailer Vimeo

Sleep Attack - Trailer Vimeo

Sheep Up! - Trailer Vimeo


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Awards & Recognition

  • "AppAccademy is a mobile accelerator program powered by Microsoft and Nokia to bring succesful gaming startup in the Finnish ecosystem." - AppAccademy, September 2014
  • "AppCampus is a grant to bring succesful mobile apps on Windows Phone, won for Sheep Up!" - AppCampus, April 2014
  • "Winner of the grant. Working Capital Accelerator is a program of Telecom Italia that helps talents and ideas to turn into innovative companies ready to enter the market." - Working Capital, January 2014
  • "Bad Seed has been selected by Develop magazine as one of the top 100 gaming start-ups." - Develop 100, January 2014
  • "The first exhibition dedicated to the innovative technologies and digital entertainment. Winners of the Start-up Stage-Up contest" - Expopixel Start Up Stage Up 2013
  • "Selected as one of the best innovative startup of the year. Mind The Bridge runs an accelerator program to support all actors in entrepreneurial ecosystem connecting Italy and United States." - Mind The Bridge 2013
  • "Winners of the second round. Wind Business Factor is an innovative project to support the growth of start-ups and innovative companies in Italy" - Wind business factor 2012
  • "Selected by the first European accelerator for Gaming Startup Only. Bad Seed has been selected from over 100 application and moved in Tallin, Estonia, for 3 months." - Gamefounders 2012
  • "Finalist with Sheep up! for the best design category." - GMIC Silicon Valley 2012
  • "We have been selected as one of the five finalists of Start Up 2.0 contest." - NoNick Conference 2012

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jacopo Musso
CEO & Founder

Marco Bielli
Game Designer

Luca Baggio
Art Director

Alessandro Leto Colombo
3D Artist

Marco Fumagalli

Francesca Fracassi
Texture Artist

Antonio Cottone
VFX Artist

Andrea Niccolai

Daniele Danko Angelozzi
3D Artist

Simone Sommaggio
Junior Programmer

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